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Project Description
Storyteller.Framework is a simple tinkering project for playing around with game development on multiple platforms.

July 13, 2012 - Now that many features are in place, I'm going to go ahead and release the code publicly. Keep in mind that it isn't ready for use in a commercial game, and may never be. This project is intended for tinkering and learning.

The source code is released under the Microsoft Public License, unless noted otherwise in the source. (A couple of pieces are from other open source projects, but only ones with permissive licenses similar to Ms-PL.)

  • SpriteBatch based graphics, similar to the SpriteBatch in the XNA Framework. I've added the ability to add matrix transforms to each draw call, and some UV based rotation options. I've also added some Draw methods to handle texture atlases.
  • Support for texture atlases generated by Texture Packer. This includes support for rotated textures packed by the pro version of the tool.
  • Demina animations.
  • Particle system

Current status:

Graphics: 100% working on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Playstation Suite (at least in the simulator). It compiles for Xbox 360, but that's completely untested. This includes Demina and the particle system.

Input: Keyboard and mouse work on Windows and Mac. GamePad works on Windows, PSS, and compiles for 360, but isn't tested. Nothing has been written specifically for iOS yet.

Audio: Nothing yet. I'm having trouble coming up with a decent abstraction to handle all of the platforms. The PSS audio systems are horribly limited, and the XNA systems work best with XACT (otherwise you can't get gapless looping songs.) And I need to match whatever I do with OpenAL on iOS and Mac.

Samples: There are a couple of test projects in the repository, but no real samples yet.

Known bugs:

There are some issues with using render textures on iOS and Mac when using regular (not premultiplied) alpha blending. The destination target picks up the drawn alpha, and you get odd effects later.

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